Friday, July 26, 2013

Client Email Makes Our Day!

Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 2:28 PM
Subject: Recommendation: CDR Assessment Group

Hi All:

I hope that you are doing well.  I am sending along some information about CDR Assessment Group, a top notch consulting firm specializing in training, development, leadership coaching and integration( and more).  I know firsthand that CDR’s proprietary assessment tool is AMAZING.  I had the assessment done and it blew me away in its accuracy and perceptiveness - at even the most micro levels.  The session to discuss my assessment was extremely meaningful and valuable.  

There is a lot of flexibility around what they can do to respond to an organization’s unique goals and challenges.  In short, I highly recommend CDR. 

Thanks for your time.

Deputy Managing Director of Organizational Development &
Talent Management 
City of Philadelphia

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Executive Coaching Group, Alexcel, Selects CDR President as Member

The Alexcel Group, an elite group of world class executive coaches has selected Nancy Parsons, President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. as member.

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Nancy is a phenomenal strategic partner with incredible knowledge and expertise.

Tulsa, Oklahoma (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Nancy Parsons, President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. was recently selected as a member of The Alexcel Group, an elite international alliance of highly experienced consultants and executive coaches. “Only those executive consultants who have a proven track record of achieving results for clients and who meet Alexcel’s stringent professional standards are invited to join our alliance. Our members are world class leaders in executive development, team building and organizational development. We help you achieve sustainable success through leadership excellence. Executive coaches and consultants of our international alliance are located in Europe, Asia, and throughout the US,” according to the group’s website.
Simon Vetter, President of Stand Out and Acting Director of Alexcel Group noted that, “Nancy brings exceptional industry expertise along with the power of CDR’s tool, CDR 3-D suite. She embodies the three pillars that Alexcel Group’s 34 members rely upon among each other to deliver the highest caliber of service– building community, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. Our team can leverage Nancy and CDR’s tremendous value to become an even greater resource for our clients.”
California based Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Owner of the Center for Transitional ManagementBarbara McMahan sponsored Nancy’s consideration with the Alexcel Group. According to Barbara, “Nancy’s candidacy for Alexcel was ideal given that the group centers around the importance of strategic partnering with the right people. Nancy is a phenomenal strategic partner with incredible knowledge and expertise. She is a consummate team player and incredible systems thinker, understanding how individuals and teams interact and guiding them on where they need to go.”
Nancy Parsons has served as the president of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. for more than 15 years. The firm’s key service is executive coaching and leadership development using their proprietary assessment tools. In fact, to further their mission, CDR trains and certifies executive coaches to use their assessments to coach leaders of their global clients. CDR certified independent coaches also use CDR’s instruments with their own clients as well. Nancy is an expert in leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, human resources, and assessments (personality, motivational and performance.) She is also a member of EWF International (an executive women’s peer group forum) and on the Executive Committee of Mid-America Government Contractors – MAGIC.
Parsons and CDR are excited and honored with this prestigious membership. The company will leverage these connections to continue to provide the highest caliber of leadership development and training.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book Review: "Stand Out! Branding Strategies for Business Professionals" by Simon Vetter

"A personal brand is the Essence of YOU, as recognized by others." 
Simon Vetter

I found “Stand Out” by Simon Vetter to be an exceptionally helpful book.  In fact, I found it so useful that I bought it for other members of my team at CDR Assessment Group.  I highly recommend that professionals, consultants, and business owners who struggle with personal branding read this book.  The personal stories, experiences and suggestions from consultants and entrepreneurs such as Marshall Goldsmith, Beverly Kaye, and Jim Kouzes were relevant and practical.  The “Simon Says” tips were also spot on for me.  Branding is something that has been elusive and somewhat uncomfortable for me over the years and Stand Out helped me change my perspective, comfort level, and understanding.
 "We have a choice:  we can either leave the brand-building process to chance, hoping that people will understand the message we express, or we can take charge and consciously craft the message we want to send. Either we choose to develop our own brand, or our brand is developed for us." Stand Out (pg. 33)

I have known Simon Vetter professionally as an executive coach and leadership development expert for over eight years and I am just sorry I did not read Stand Out sooner.  Frankly, I expected it to be quite good, but I did not expect what I got out of it.  This book shifted my mindset, paradigm and my understanding of what personal/professional branding really is.  Since reading Stand Out I have made tremendous progress on professional branding without feeling uneasy.  I would guess that a good number of business owners and consultants lack natural “branding” skills as was my case.   If you are one who finds this essential aspect of your business tough or nebulous, I strongly encourage you to read Stand Out without delay.    

Review Written by:  Nancy Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

To order and learn more about Simon's services go to:

Friday, July 19, 2013

How CDR Cracked the Code to the Glass Ceiling -- White Paper Now Available!

Despite the best-laid plans, good intentions, mentoring and diversity training, the glass ceiling continues to be an impenetrable barrier for most women leaders.   That is – until now.   “Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling” is a white paper just published on our website based on exciting new research by CDR Assessment Group, Inc. that unlocks the mystery behind the phenomena that frustrates and blocks droves of aspiring women leaders. 

In “Cracking the Code” we find that undeniable gender perceptions are extremely damaging.   The data we present is compelling and demonstrates how the toll from these cultural biases is far more devastating than most leaders think or consider.

However, our break-through findings go into a completely new research horizon regarding the glass ceiling.   We have found the crux of the problem is that there are significant inherent personality risk factor differences among men and women leaders.   Under stress, conflict and adversity, we found that a statistically significant percentage of women leaders slip into “Worrier” mode.  Conversely, their male leader counterparts display “Upstager, Rule Breaker, and Egotist” behaviors.   What this reveals is that women move away from conflict and tough debates due to fear of failure.  Simultaneously, men push against and fight for resources, airtime, visibility, and to win the day.  

Armed with this exciting research, we provide insights and solutions as to how to break the glass ceiling.   With my first hand expertise in leadership development services, psychological and performance assessments, and with my down-to-earth writing style, I believe you will find this a must read article for global executives, women and business leaders.

To access a complimentary copy of this White Paper, go to:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Darcie Harris, CEO of EWF International Interviews CDR's President, Nancy Parsons...


Success Profile: 

Nancy Parsons Wants to

Revolutionize Leadership

Nancy Parsons has an simple, yet ambitious goal:  "I want to revolutionize leadership." 
She's well on her way.  This self-made woman owns her own leadership assessment and coaching business, CDR Assessment Group.  CDR provides leadership assessments, succession planning, coaching, training and consultation.   Their assessments are available in five languages.
Based on deep and intensive research, the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite has three components:  
  •  Leadership Character Assessment measures a leader’s traits, character strengths, and weaknesses; determines which positions one is best qualified to fill.
  •  Risk assessmentmeasures one’s ineffective coping strategies.
  •  Drivers and Rewards: determines one's motivation, what one finds exciting and interesting, and what one doesn’t like, or finds distasteful.
Nancy's latest project, Cracking the Code to the Glass Ceiling provides invaluable insights for women.   For the complete interview and article, go to:  
For the complete article, go to: 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thinking About Using an Assessment for Leadership Development?


The CDR 3D Suite is my favorite "deep dive" leadership style assessment for the leaders I coach.  It's my go-to assessment when clients are open for me to choose.  The reasons are twofold:  I genuinely like and trust the data and I genuinely like and trust the CDR folks.  

I use the data throughout the course of engagements, to find the most effective route to meeting a client's identified goals.  And I suggest they use it as a lifelong tool when they are at career crossroads or when they're stuck.

Nancy and her team have always been available to me and my clients, from their ability to interpret confusing results to assisting me with benchmarking a client's strengths and abilities against job profiles from their databank.  They're extremely professional and a delight to work with.


Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, Expert on Senior Leader Transitions, Managing Partner at The Levin Group LLC

To learn more about the CDR 3-D Suite, go to: