Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do You Know Your Intrinsic Motivators?

Retaining top talent is about rewarding people based on their individual needs and wants.  Equally important is that your people should be doing work that they find meaningful and enriching inasmuch as possible.   We measure one's intrinsic motivators with the CDR Drivers & Rewards Assessment.  If you were to take this, the results would reveal:

Ø  what really motivates you to excel,
Ø  those aspects of your work or career that provide you with a sense of enrichment and accomplishment,
Ø  the type of environment in which you will best perform (as well as describing those that would make you uneasy),
Ø  the types and quantities of people you enjoy working with,
Ø  how you want to be rewarded,
Ø  what level and kind of feedback and recognition is important to you,
Ø  the beliefs and philosophies you try to live by; and
Ø  the types of activities that you should involve yourself in to stay satisfied with your work and life.

The CDR Drivers & Rewards Assessment defines and measures ten primary personal motivators (with 50 sub-facets) and provides important information about job function and work environment fit.  Drivers & Rewards scales measure degree of need for or interest in:

·       Fame & Feedback
·       Power & Competition
·       Amusement & Hedonism
·       Humanitarian Efforts
·       Companionship & Affiliation
·       Moral Platform
·       Safety & Security
·       Business & Finance
·       Artistic Endeavors
·       Scientific Reasoning

With this data in hand, we help leaders identify “tactics” to honor and reward their people in the ways that will correspond with their individual driver and reward needs.  In this way, people are enriched, fulfilled and more productive.  When individual motivators are ignored or not reinforced, that is when retention and lackluster performance occurs.  Also, if a leader tries to reward the wrong Drivers, this can backfire.  For example, if someone has very low Fame & Feedback, and you bring them center stage in front of many people, they will be mortified.    The Drivers & Reward facets are the key levers to retention and fulfillment.   

This assessment is part of our CDR 3-D Suite and can be purchased as a stand alone.  It is a great tool to use for group/classroom debriefs and activities.   For more info or to request a sample report, go to:  cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.com