Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shave 2 years off your talent development cycle

CDR Assessment Group has created a a 3-Dimensional assessment test that has been proven to fast forward development up to 2 years by immediately showing a clear cut path to best leverage strengths, plan for development, and to neutralize risks and vulnerabilities

This assessment test can accurately pinpoint the individual traits that define performance, strengths, talent, gaps, risks, and motivation.

The key focus of the assessment include:

  • Character Assessment which identifies leadership acumen (operational, strategic), strengths, best fit job roles, leadership, relationship preferences, energy and intensity, and talent advocacy
  • Drivers & Reward Assessment helps one focus on the roles, tasks, and projects that match his/her personal drivers and motivators. This is important because:
  1. doing the type of work we enjoy is rewarding and keeps one energized to perform well
  2. helps to minimize stress and help us maintain balance
  3. provides insight into career planning and development
  4. pinpoints how we prefer to be rewarded and recognized most
  • Risk Assessment looks at traits that can impede effectiveness, damage relationships and inhibit success
The key to success is building on and leveraging one's authentic strengths, neutralizing or minimizing risk behaviors, while honoring and reinforcing drivers and reward needs.

For more information on the 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite or other services provided by CDR Assessment Group, call us at 918-488-0722 or visit www.cdrassessmentgroup.com