Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Leadership & Talent Development Site Launched by CDR

Leadership Development Firm CDR Assessment Group Announces Launch of CDR-U Talent Development Division

CDR-U - New Talent Development Division of CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Ed White, Vice President of Global Talent Development of CDR Assessment Group, announces the launch of CDR-U, the talent and development division which provides access to leadership development resources, tools, coaches' center, custom learning tools and a global community of authentic leaders, instructors and executive coaches. "We help leaders become the best, most productive and fulfilled that they can be. Sometimes career paths get on the wrong track or wander aimlessly in lackluster and unrewarding ways," explains, VP, Ed White. "CDR-U helps each individual find or rediscover their own 'sweet spots' and begin development from there, helping them to minimize risks and to prevent wasting energy along the way. So, while our feedback is unusually direct and, at moments, tough to hear, leaders find the process invigorating and eye-opening - helping them to gain better self-awareness and improvement."
CDR-U's website will enable the user to:
  • Browse our upcoming workshops and webinars, plus make your reservation online 
  • Request custom-built consulting and training designs based on business needs 
  • Stay current with our new blog and e-newsletters 
  • Accelerate Success. Produce results with the first coaching session 
  • Get to know the CDR-U team 
  • And much more!

CDR-U specializes in providing unmatched customized benefits for leaders and organizations, cutting up to 2 years off the development cycle helping emerging leaders realize their full potential. CDR-U Executive Coaches, trainers, consultants, instructional designers, and scientific research team are among the best in the world. Our team consists of certified coaches with baseline experience of 20 years in the field of leadership development.

CDR-U is a talent development division of CDR Assessment Group. CDR Assessment Group, Inc. is a globally recognized assessment, leadership and talent development firm leading the way with revolutionary products, consulting services, research and training solutions. CDR Assessment Group was founded in 1998 by Nancy Parsons and Kimberly Brinkmeyer, PhD. with a vision to revolutionize leadership. CDR's consulting services focus upon: leadership and executive coaching and development, client education on maximizing use of the CDR 3-D Assessment Suite® tool, which assesses one's CHARACTER, DRIVERS & RISKS - identifying and aligning talent with business strategy, talent capability analysis projects, custom training design and delivery, research and results validation, customized product development, and educational services.CDR has had a successful coaching and consulting track record in all sectors including: financial, insurance, energy, manufacturing, retail, health care, pharmaceutical, distribution/sales, transportation, information technology, chemical, education/academia, tribal organizations, federal government, including the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army. CDR was nationally certified in 2000 as a women owned business (WBENC and WOSB) and was certified in 2010 a federal recognized HUBZone entity. For more information, please visit To join CDR-U, please email us at ask(at)

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Do you think bad managers can change?

Nancy Parsons' Response to LinkedIn HBR Group Question...

Organizations often do not hold managers accountable for bad behaviors especially if the financial results are being met.  What we have found most effective, even when we are called in for the “derailing” manager intervention, is using diagnostic tools that measure a leader’s character traits, inherent risk factors and motivational needs.  These tools measure why behaviors manifest the ways they do – or the root causes of behaviors.

360 tools only provide an observers view of “what and how” leaders are perceived by others. You need this as a starting point – but you need more.  The CDR 3-D Suite (measuring characteristics noted above) identifies the “why’s” behind behaviors (good and bad).  Without this data the bad behaviors usually continue to create problems and eventually result in a negative outcomes. 

Accountability and the proper diagnostic tools are a must.  Then, there is no wiggle room or place to run for the manager who is acting badly if you use these types of accurate and revealing measures.   The other interesting fact we have found is that in EVERY case where the manager was derailing – the manager was in the wrong job or did not fit in the first place!  The diagnostic tools tell you that as well.  While most of our assessment and leader coaching is provided for non-derailing leaders, it is crucial to use the tools in cases of the "bad" manager behaviors.

Can they change? It depends on their profile, the job requirements, key stakeholder profiles, and cultural needs.

In addition to proper diagnostic tools, you have to hold leaders accountable for their bad behaviors.   There needs to be clear expectations, consequences and action.  Just because someone has a particular set of risks (as we all have risks as part of being human), is not an excuse for bad behaviors.   A few of the eleven inherent personality-based risk factors we measure include:  Rule Breakers, Cynics, Egotists, False Advocates, and Upstager.  Combinations of these traits in a leader under pressure may result in bullying, inappropriate and deceptive behaviors.  

We also have an article posted on topic this titled “Mixing Magic & Coaching - Leadership Derailment Intervention” at