Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CDR Kicks Off the New Year with Selection Screening and Coaches' Certification Workshops 
1644 S. Denver Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119
Executive Coaching Feedback Certification Using CDR's 3-D Suite
January 8 - 9, 2013 - Tulsa, OK

Participants will learn how to interpret CDR's proprietary assessment tools and apply the knowledge gained during practice coaching feedback sessions with "real life" case studies/profiles.  Internal and external coaches learn how to provide the most insightful, accurate and productive feedback for leader clients.  Providing feedback with CDR's 3-D Suite™ which measures a leader's character, drivers and risk factors.  Once certified, coaches can enable leaders to fast forward the process and move into productive developmental and performance paths immediately. 
  • Prerequisite - Complete CDR 3-D Suite™ and receive one-to-one coaching feedback session (2.5 hours) with assessment results prior to the workshop
  • Two-day workshop, training manuals, actual case studies
  • Post-workshop review and complimentary practice Suite 
To register contact: ask@cdr-u.com
Consultants & HR Specialists Selection Screening Using CDR Assessments
January 10 - 11, 2013 - TULSA, OK

Participants will learn how to interpret CDR's proprietary tools to enhance employee selection and promotional decisions.   Key takeaways will include: orientation to personality and motivational assessments for selection screening, basics of job analysis, designs of effective screening processes, enhancing interviews based on CDR results, understanding best-fit job candidates, interpreting results, EEO/diversity implications, and more.

Who should attend:
  • HR Managers, Staffing Managers, Talent Management Leaders
  • Executive Coaches/Consultants
  • Employment Recruiters concerned with true fitness of recruits
To register contact: ask@cdr-u.com  
In the fast-paced, competitive business environment, our goal is to provide individuals with the tools necessary to maximize their professional potential through a creative and thought-provoking experience.  Our coaching focuses on rapid results, shaving up to two years off the development cycle.  You won't get sugar-coated feedback sessions from our coaches, rather an eye-opening experience.   At CDR Assessment Group, our clients are taken beyond their comfort zones to become more effective and productive leaders. 

How are you preparing for the next level of success?
Your Friends at 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dawn Edwards Leads CDR Marketing Department

CDR Assessment Group Leadership Development and Talent Management Firm Announces Dawn Edwards as Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing director to develop CDR Assessment Group brand and promote executive development services

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Dawn Edwards, Director of Marketing and PR
Quote startI am excited to work with their wide range of global clients who have described their experiences as transformative.Quote end
Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) September 19, 2012
CDR Assessment Group, Inc is pleased to announce Dawn Edwards as Director of Marketing and PR. Edwards has over 15 years of experience and began her career with some of the most recognized companies in media, such as Deutch Inc. and Condé Nast Publications in New York City. After being groomed by industry leaders, she made her way to New Orleans, LA providing marketing services to notable non-profits in the area.
Most recently she served as Executive Director for Girls on the Run of New Orleans, a youth development program that combines healthy life skills, self-empowerment and exercise for girls ages 8-13 years. Edwards procured sponsorship with Coca-Cola Company helping to fund the bi-annual 5K as well as other programs in underserved communities. As Marketing Director for French Quarter Festivals, Inc., she helped organize the largest free festival in the South with 18 stages of music, local food and over 500,000 attendees. Edwards has implemented successful marketing plans and developed strong relationships with local and international media throughout her career. Some of Edwards achievements include media placement with Good Morning America, Ellen Degeneres Show, Southern Living, and The Today Show on NBC. Edwards has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Oklahoma.
Edwards will continue to build the CDR brand of unmatched assessment products, leadership development and talent management services. Additionally, she will lead efforts to launch a variety of new services within the year. “I am thrilled to be joining the team at CDR Assessment Group at a time when they are revolutionizing the practice of leadership and executive development field. I am excited to work with their wide range of global clients who have described their experiences as transformative. I can’t think of a better way to strengthen my own career talents than being part of the dynamic group of leadership professionals at CDR.”
CDR Assessment Group, Inc. provides break-through assessments and accelerates performance results with their coaching and consulting approach with global clients in all sectors. CDR Executive Coaches, trainers, consultants, instructional designers, and scientific research team are among the best in the world. CDR is a nationally certified women owned business (WBENC and SBA WOSB) and is certified as a federally recognized HubZone entity.
For more information, call 918-488-0722 or visit us online, http://www.cdrassessmentgroup.com


Saturday, August 18, 2012

"A Solution to Broken Leadership" Presented by CDR’s Nancy Parsons for HR.Com

"Leadership is broken. For more than a decade, studies have consistently shown that 50-75% of leaders are ineffective. Unfortunately, despite over $40 billion invested annually in
leadership development initiatives, things are not getting better,” according to Nancy Parsons, President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - CDR Assessment Group, Inc., provides break-through psychological and performance assessments for leader and talent development for global clients.  CDR’s experts are known for being mavericks in the leadership development field because they provide bold and unvarnished messages and solutions to clients.  According to Parsons, “we can no longer mince words or tell leaders what they want or expect to hear – we need to be truthful with accurate data to rapidly turn leadership around.”

Parsons elaborates that “while nearly everyone can describe what an effective leader should do, few people can do it well.   Doing it -- performing well as a leader with consistency -- goes well beyond merely talking about it or cognitively understanding what the behaviors should be.“

Parsons will explain why these systemic leadership problems exist in this web presentation scheduled for Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 1:30 ET as part of the two-day Integrated Talent Management Conference hosted by Toronto based, HR.com.    More importantly, according to Parsons, she plans to share a scientifically based methodology to turn today’s negative statistics into positive performance results.   Parsons offers a caution, explaining that, “The science and tools cannot be applied in a vacuum. To turn the ROI on leadership investments into organization-wide positive results, two executive traits are needed:   courage and compassion.”

CDR was founded in 1998 and has more than 100 certified executive coaches and consultants supporting their global clients that are from nearly all sectors including: financial/banking, insurance, energy, manufacturing, retail, health care, pharmaceutical, chemical, distribution/sales, transportation, information technology, education/academia, tribal organizations, Federal government (including the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army and U.S. Department of the Treasury.) CDR offers the proprietary  CDR 3-D Suite which accurately measures a leader's character traits, risk factors for derailment, and drivers and reward (motivational) needs.  The Suite is the Swiss Army Knife of talent development tools and can be used for coaching, custom training designs, strategic executive team development, succession planning, staffing decisions, and more without needing to retest.
HR.com, the virtual conference host, is the largest Human Resources social network and online community of
HR executives with over 200,000 members.  HR.com provides thousands of worldwide HR Professionals with easy access to shared knowledge on best practices, trends, and industry news. This offers the HR Professional a prime resource to develop their most important asset – their people.
 CDR is a WBENC certfied women owned and operated business through the WBCS and is an SBA WOSB and a federal HubZone entity.
Contact CDR Assessment Group, Inc. at cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.com or call 918-488-0722.

Scheduled to post at PRweb.com 8/20/12

Monday, August 6, 2012

CDR Posts 3 Job Openings....

CDR currently has job openings for:  

Sr. Consultant/Executive Coach
Marketing Specialist 
Executive Assistant

Tulsa based CDR Assessment Group, Inc. provides leadership and talent assessment and development services for global clients. Since 1998 we have lead the way with break-through assessment tools and services as a boutique firm and are planning to expand our business portfolio.  

Position announcements:
We seek an experienced leadership development expert / executive coach to join our team.  Ten plus years plus experience and appropriate advanced degree required.  Accomplished leadership development consulting background and business development expertise needed.  We seek individual with an entrepreneural spirit, proven track record, and exceptional communication skills.  Leadership training, HR/OD, and I/O psychology, or B2B sales background a plus. 
Send your cv/resume to cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.com for consideration.

This position is a generalist specializing in a diverse range of marketing services.  This position is responsible for preparing and executing various marketing, public relations, and social media initiatives for our leadership and talent assessment and development firm. 

Key Responsibilities:
Content creation and management – write/edit copy related to marketing and corporate activities (social media, email communications, promotional material, web content, articles, etc.)

Develop and distribute media releases, preparing appropriate media spokespeople and tracking media outcomes

Communicate with prospects, support business development activities, and proficiency in working with company contact database

Strong oral communications skills to conduct prospect and client calls with appropriate follow-up required

Oversee website traffic and provide support for site optimization efforts; and,

Prepare various communications pieces:  prospect letters, newsletters, web content and updates, web/blog posts, and a range of marketing materials.

Executive Assistant

Professional assessment consulting firm seeks take charge, well-organized, confident, results-oriented individual to join our dynamic business.  Proven problem solving, multi-tasking, and superior telephone and written communication skills needed.  Highly effective executive-level customer service orientation, office administration, organization and follow-through skills, and project coordination experience required. Proficiency with MS Office required; database (CRM) and Quickbooks (or similar) expertise a plus.  Training or event coordination experience, proficiency making travel arrangements, and ability to assist executives with a wide range of business tasks is required.   Human resources or marketing services background would be helpful.   Five years of administrative experience required.

We offer a competitive compensation package, a comfortable work environment close to downtown Tulsa, and opportunities for development. 



Be sure to specify what position you are applying for in the SUBJECT line of your email.  No phone calls please!

We encourage veterans to apply and we thank veterans for their service!
Date posted:  8/6/12

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letter to WSJ: We have the Data to Prove Jack Welch is Wrong!

Dear Blog Readers 

 I thought you might find my email (below) to John Bussey of the Wall Street Journal of interest regarding his recent article titled:   “Women, Welch Clash at Forum”.    You can find the article at:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303877604577382321364803912.html    This article reported on a forum discussion about why so few women are making it to the C-Suite.  We have data that refutes Jack Welch’s position, so I thought I would share this information.   I hope you find this of interest.   (I can also send you the chart from the presentation mentioned below on request!)    

Thank you for your interest!  Nancy 

Dear John:

Thank you for your article about the class of Jack Welch and female executives at the recent Women in the Economy Forum.   I have data that proves Jack Welch is wrong.  Results and performance frequently do not chart the way to executive success for women.  While it is a no brainer that exceptional performance is essential – there are still too many blockers preventing women from aspiring to the C-Suite.  Many women outperform their male counterparts regularly, yet are bypassed for the best and most coveted positions. 

Alison Quirk of State Street Corp. was quoted “… we can do more to help people understand their unconscious biases.”    We have studied this very point of the biases versus performance.  What we found is that there is a real chasm between the performance behaviors of women and the related perceptions of those behaviors.  It is the perceptions, biases and stereotypes that hold droves of women back while perceptions and biases catapult men forward.

Our firm, CDR Assessment Group, Inc. measures the personality and motivational traits of leaders and executives.  By way of reference, Jared Sandberg a columnist for the WSJ took our assessments, had feedback, and wrote an article on March 10, 2004, titled “How I Survived Tests that Introduced Me to My Inner Executive.” In this, he reported on the accuracy he found with our assessments compared to others he researched for the article.

Interestingly, the overall leadership characteristics as measured by our CDR Leadership Character Assessment between male and women leaders are remarkably similar which means that both sexes are quite capable of leader posts at the highest levels. 

The only slight difference we found in comparing data was with the CDR Leadership Risk Assessment results showed some statistically significant differences.  What we found was that under pressure or conflict, women leaders tended to default to a “Worrier” mode while their male leader counterparts tended to exhibit traits as “Egotists, Upstagers & Rule Breakers.”  Bottom line, under adversity and conflict, the averages showed many women leaders dig in, over-analyze and re-review which moves them away from the pressure while the men leaders fight and stand their ground, albeit in forceful and overly aggressive ways.   

So, under duress and conflict, many of the women are not perceived as “fighters” or as courageous because they do not go into fight mode as frequently as the male leaders do.  This, obviously, has some impact on perceptions of who is most capable.

However, most stunning is that false perceptions and erroneous stereotypes hurt women leaders far more than men.  Below are two examples of what we found:

Example #1

Respondents say that women (85%), not men (5%), are the more EMOTIONAL sex (Pew Leadership Research Survey, Aug 25, 2008)

What the CDR Assessment profile data results says:

CDR Scale Title
Women Leaders
Averaged Score
Men Leaders
Averaged Scores
What does this mean?
        There are no significant differences between the “emotionality” of men and women. 
        How “emotionality” is expressed varies. 
        How “emotionality” is judged or perceived is frequently based on gender bias.
        For women, emotionality is often confused with Interpersonal Sensitivity or Nurturing/Caring and Relationship Building capability.
        Emotionality of male leaders is often associated with anger, impatience, etc. and is considered within accepted norms.  Secondly, men are more likely to hide “emotionality” better.


Example #2

Respondents rate women as more MANIPULATIVE than men by 52 to 26 percent.    (Pew Survey, 2008)
What the CDR Assessment profile data results says:

CDR Scale Title
Women Leaders
Averaged Score
Men Leaders
Averaged Scores
False Advocate   
Rule Breaker
What does this mean?
        False Advocate is higher for women leaders so there will be more inclination to complain behind the scenes; can manifest as the “martyr” or victim syndrome.
        Men leaders may manipulate or “jockey for position” in bolder ways due to Rule Breaking and Inquisitive scores
        However, the drastic 52 to 26% different rating in the Pew Survey is not supported by the CDR data and is perhaps exaggerated by biased perceptions.


 CDR Assessment Study:  Men Leaders N=120; Women Leaders N=111; samples of leaders from 26 Companies

We have more representative data supporting Ms. Quirk’s contention that the unconscious bias is holding women back far more than demonstrated performance or capability.   I agree, it is time to begin communicating and challenging how people think about shared traits of men and women.  I'd be glad to send you a chart from my presentation given at an ASTD and WBCS conferences titled:  “Risk Factors that Impact Women in Leadership” that illustrates the damaging, yet different perceptions that often stem from the same leadership risk behavior.  (available to blog readers too!)

Sorry to say, while Jack Welch has been a tremendously accomplished leader in many ways, he is missing the mark on this matter.  For aspiring women leaders, great performance alone won’t likely get you there. 

Again, many thanks for giving attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sociability Can be Tricky

Sociability can be a tricky trait.  Those with high socialibility and strong extraversion characteristics are frequently selected to be leaders, particularly if they are technical or scientific experts. Often, we are eager to promote those scientifically astute professionals who are outgoing and well spoken.  This is because many in these fields tend to be introverts and some are even social blunderers.  Rushing to this judgment on leadership suitability can be a huge mistake. 

Just because an IT professional, physician, or R & D scientist speaks well does not equate to leadership capability.  "Leadership Energy" is the essential scale to measure or trait and is the first hurdle to effective leadership.  One can have high Sociability and low Leadership Energy -- which can appear misleading and often results in the wrong promotional decisions.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WLC Mentoring & Networking Session in Tulsa

Late yesterday, I attended the WLC Mentoring & Networking Session in Tulsa. It was an exceptionally well done program. Kudos to the organizers, speakers, and facilitators. There were table discussion based on on the World Cafe Journey Map -- Self Discovery Process focusing on "what am I passionate about?"

The forum provided for great dialogue with dynamic, interesting women. Also, I enjoyed the speed networking. It had structure so that the responsibility of "initiating" a discussion was not required. Normally, even though I am an extrovert, I am not comfortable in those networking situations where you have to go up and introduce yourself to strangers.

It is also kind of ironic since most of my time is spent focusing on coaching and developing others that it has been a long time since I've been the participant in this type of session. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I think I was probably past due!
To learn more about the Tulsa United Way's WLC go to: http://www.tauw.org/tauw/Womens_Leadership_Council.asp

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leadership Development expert, Ed White, joins CDR

Tulsa, Oklahoma (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Edward White, Ed.D. has joined CDR Assessment Group, Inc. as Vice President, Global Talent Development and will lead CDR's corporate university, educational and leadership development programs.

Ed White, Ed.D., has joined CDR Assessment Group, Inc. as the Vice President, Global Talent Development and brings over 30 years of industry experience. Ed will lead CDR’s corporate university, educational and leadership programs. Formed in 1998 as a women-owned entity, CDR provides distinctive assessments and consulting services for talent management and leadership development for global clients.

“This is an exciting time to be joining CDR because of the new product development that is underway," Ed noted. “I have been involved in the early design stages of some compelling new learning tools and services. We will dramatically change the course of how leaders are developed and deployed in organizations.”

For the full press release, go to: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/4/prweb9385590.htm

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Must Have 360 Feedback Instrument

360° Leader Scan™

CDR Assessment Group, Inc.’s multi-rater feedback instrument, the 360° Leader Scan™ gets to the heart of what matters most about a leader’s performance. This practical tool provides essential competency-based performance data vital to equip your leaders and teams to perform beyond current expectations. The 360° Leader Scan™ is not full of fluff or watered down with neutrality or ambiguity. Additionally, our services are delivered in such a way to assure smooth implementation and to maximize participant feedback – we strive to take the administrative burden off of you.

The 360° Leader Scan™ stands ready to administer. While we do offer an array of customization services tailored to specific client needs, this robust online 360° tool is ideally designed to focus on competencies imperative for today’s leaders. In fact, you will find this exceptional tool has just the right mix of narrative and statistical data to provide straight-forward results for managers to begin developing impactful action plans.

The 360° Leader Scan™ features over 80 detailed items within 12 distinctive leader competency categories. Narrative feedback is also collected from all input providers for 15 leader performance and development perspectives. Competency categories include:

Adaptiveness / Dealing with Change
Business Strategies
Coaching – Developing Staff
Dealing with Stress & Adversity
Decisions & Courage
Innovation & Problem Solving Approach
Organizational Advocacy & Commitment
Performance Results
Personal Development
Relationship Building
Teamwork / Supportiveness to Others

Best of all, CDR handles all communications and coordination for clients. Certification is not required for coaches'. Orientation is available as needed.
Call 918-488-0722 or email cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.co9m

Friday, February 24, 2012

CDR Authentic Leadership Learning Experience

CDR's 2012 Authentic Leadership Learning Experience dates are set!

We bring out the best in each leader by identifying and building on one’s true gifts, leadership capability, and needs. The insights and know-how that leaders gain produce sustainable results that are relevant and valuable throughout the span of their career.

There is no spin, hug fests, or generic learning models used. CDR-U’s Authentic Leadership helps real leaders conquer real business challenges more effectively. We use a multi-faceted applied learning approach that is molded around each leader and reinforces essential core leadership traits. We equip each leader to navigate past and neutralize their own risks and vulnerabilities.

Email: cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.com today or call 918-488-0722 to learn more.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coaching the Egotist Executive

Within the first couple of minutes meeting with Bob Granelle, for his executive development coaching feedback session, I felt ready to show him the door. Of course, I didn’t. I was his coach. As a senior executive, and self-proclaimed, rightful and best successor to the CEO’s chair for a global manufacturing organization, his demeanor was unusually abrasive. His words were filled with self-admiration and an all-knowing aura. In fact, not once in the hundreds of coaching sessions I have conducted, had I experienced such overt bragging -- so quickly.

So, I did what coaches do. I listened. I jotted notes. I listened. I couldn’t have gotten a word in anyway for Bob was really on a roll. Bob’s grandiose story unraveled to where I could begin asking basic questions about thirty minutes in.

Surprisingly, he was even an expert on “assessments” psychology, feedback, you name it – he claimed to know it. After much probing and digging Bob did admit to having a bit of a career concern, though he had no “performance” related problems. He was concerned that his boss, CEO/President, and he didn’t see things eye to eye anymore and that the gap was growing. He also confided that there was no one he could trust or listen to whose opinions were worthwhile – that is--other than his wife’s. His entire focus and concern seemed to evolve around his succession to the top slot.

This actual coaching session is classic for one who has a high risk or derailer for what we call “Egotist” scale measured the CDR Leadership Risk Assessment tool. As a coach, the most difficult hurdle is to get past the thick wall of excessive self-confidence. By definition, listening to feedback is not within the Egotist’s world. With good information and patience, one can penetrate and help – somewhat. Then you have to boldly hit with the facts, after you have listened to him bloviate, with how condescending, arrogant and over the top he is... Play back examples. Most importantly, help him or her to understand the negative impact on their own success. Then suddenly, you will have their attention, as I did Bob's.

(real case study -- name changed of course!)
What our research and experience with executives in organization shows is that the reasons too many executives fail to serve as effective "transformational" leaders is that they lack the inherent traits to be transformational at all. You cannot teach a fish to fly. You cannot expect a high command and control, rigid, perfectionistic leader to flex into a change agent role. It is not possible.

Executive teams need a diverse range of talent and not every leader can adapt to changing organizational or competitive needs. That's why a wide range of talent on the general management team (and in the succession pipeline) is essential.

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Hire the Best Fit Candidates

When it comes to employee selection, we can help you find the best fit candidate while eliminating non-fits quickly. Hiring mistakes are preventable. “Why to Use CDR Assessment for Selection Screening” and “FAQs” are available for review. This guide is designed to walk you through the benefits of using our tools for selection screening and provide guidance on how to set up the selection process when using our assessments. We also provide suggestions for communications, orientation and training HR Staff and Hiring Managers, interviewing based on results, measuring ROI, sample selection reports, fees, and more.
email: cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.com to receive complimentary copies.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coaching the Bully or Derailing Leader

Dealing with the bullying boss, derailing leader, or free falling manager isn't an easy or fun thing to do. However, it can be done constructively and produce win - win results. For insights on how to handle these needed interventions, go to: http://ezinearticles.com/?Mixing-Magic-and-Coaching-For-Leadership-Derailment-Interventions&id=6844831