Friday, May 23, 2014

Atten: Ladies Who Lead -- Isn't It Time You Focused on Your Growth?

Let’s face it.  Leadership isn’t easy.  For women leaders, the challenges can be steep while support may seem hit or miss.  Isn’t it time to refresh, renew and enhance your leadership capability and satisfaction level?  

If so, register today for the Women's Leadership Retreat on August 20 - 21, 2014 at The Canebrake, an ideal setting, an eco-friendly spa resort location near Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Retreat offered by CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and The Alexcel Group, by design, provides you with the dedicated time, essential insights, experientially focused curricula, and executive coaching support needed to lift your leadership success and fulfillment to levels currently not within your reach.  

Please know -- the Women’s Leadership Retreat is not a generic or superficial leadership event.  If you are ready to focus on your authentic leadership strengths, emotional intelligence, personal motivators and risk factors, then this is a must-attend for you.  The learning process begins with pre-work with an assessment and a 2.5 hour executive coaching session, followed by the 2-Day Retreat, with a follow-up coaching session to complete your leadership developmental action plan.  

You might be wondering -- why a “women’s only” retreat?  The reason is that while women and men both have the capability of being highly effective leaders and executives, women often have a different set of inherent risks and challenges than their male counterparts.  This approach gives participants the opportunity to focus on their unique risks and strengths.  It is far more than a 2-day event.   It is about creating opportunity and support for growth and sustainability.

To assure your reservation, REGISTER NOW for the Tulsa Retreat Session scheduled for August 20 - 21, 2014 at The Canebrake.  Group discounts are available and we would be glad to host in-house sessions for larger organizations.  Don't delay because the assessment and coaching process begins right away!   A full brochure can be found at: and please complete the online registration form.

We are also hosting Retreat sessions in Atlanta on October 29 - 30 and San Francisco on November 5 - 6.   Feel free to email us at or call 918.488.0722 to learn more. 

Don’t delay, register today!  

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