Monday, October 24, 2011

The Cynic's Tightrope: Healthy Skepticism vs. Harmful Mistrust

Do you consider yourself to be a realist or even a pessimist who is compelled to dig deep with lots of questions? Are you known for your sarcasm? Are you known for having an inquiring or investigative mind and for being one who is determined to unravel the mystery others fail to see? Do you prefer to shoot down ideas early to avoid wasting time because you know they won’t work? Are you proud of being a tough critic?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above, this “Cynics” webinar is a must attend for you.

Leaders and professionals who have “Cynic” Risk Factor tendencies are often people who are analytically driven and who enjoy solving puzzles and holes in logic. Unfortunately, Cynics tend to stifle or kill innovation, mistrust others, and can alienate others due to their negative assumptions and comments. Sometimes Cynics see themselves as humorous; the problem is that their colleagues may fail to see the humor and are often offended or demotivated by what they interpret as caustic remarks.

You will learn:

  • The line between healthy skepticism and harmful mistrust
  • The impact Cynics have on performance
  • Ways that behaviors manifest for Cynics
  • Tactics on how to build trust and improve relationships
  • Ways to neutralize your Cynic tendencies
  • Action plan ideas for development
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Monday, October 17, 2011

CDR 3-D Assessment Suite: Going beyond the 360⁰ Leader Scan

For those of you who have been looking for the “get rich quick” scheme of becoming a successful leader, I’m afraid you will never find the answer. But, there are ways out there to determine your performance characteristics and leadership skills. For most people, the 360⁰ Leader Scan is a great way to understand how ones performance, behaviors, and communication affect others. This approach is used by nearly every Leadership and Executive coaching company out there.

CDR Assessment Group has developed a program that looks more in-depth and determines the WHY factor that the 360⁰ does not explain. The CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite is a revolutionary approach that provides unique insight into a leader’s key strengths and development needs by looking at a character assessment, risk factors & derailers, and drivers & rewards.

The reasons why the CDR 3-D Suite is more desirable?

  • Clients report shaving 1.5 to 2 years off of the talent development cycle time
  • No other tool comes close to specifically identifying individual strengths, risks, and motivations
  • Results are straight forward, accurate, and hard hitting with no sugar coating
  • Results measure bottom line benefits, and
  • There is no reason to EVER re-test because results can be used for multiple consulting applications

Although we do not claim to have the answer to becoming the PERFECT leader, our 3-Dimensional approach is as close as anything comes to predicting future performance.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dont Worry-Be Decisive: How worrying can affect productivity in the workplace

Do you ever over-think, worry, or delay decisions? Well, no more need to fret as Nancy Parsons and Kim Brinkmeyer Ph.D., of CDR Assessment Group, continue their “Risk Factors” webinar by discussing “Worriers”.

This webinar goes into detail on the following topics:
· Why worriers worry
· How worriers can derail their own success
· The cost of worrying
· The Top 10 tactics to fret no more
· Building your decision making skills, and
· Action plans for worriers

The presentation teaches listeners to understand what causes them to worry and how to stop the vicious cycle of worrying. By the end of the discussion, listeners have insight and tactics on how to overcome the “risk” of worrying, and become more productive in the workplace.

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