Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Your Assessments & Icebergs May Have In Common!

Perhaps your leadership coaching and development tools are just letting you see the surface.

We can help you change that view!

Join us in Oklahoma City on May 6 - 7 , 2015 for a 
CDR Coaches' Certification Workshop!  

The CDR 3-D Suite, an unmatched assessment tool, along with highly skilled coaches, enables leaders to get beneath the surface.  The Suite peaks self awareness by pinpointing specific character, risk factors that can derail their effectiveness, and drivers and motivational needs.  These insights are essential to formulate and fast forward the best suited development plans.
Coaches leader clients' benefit by:
  • accelerating the development process - by hitting the ground running at the first session
  • clarity and self awareness unlike any past feedback
  • no spin feedback - constructive, on point results without sugar coating
  • focusing on their own unique true talent and strengths, gaps, risk factors and motivational needs
  • quickly building accurate action plans for measurable results, and more...
Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D., managing partner at The Levin Group, LLC in Atlanta wrote, "

"The CDR 3D Suite is my favorite "deep dive" leadership style assessment for the leaders I coach.  It's my go-to assessment when clients are open for me to choose.  The reasons are twofold:  I genuinely like and trust the data and I genuinely like and trust the CDR folks. They're extremely professional and a delight to work with."

 The CDR Coaches' Certification Process includes:
  • Pre-requisite - participants take the CDR 3-D Suite and have 2.5 hour coaching feedback session  
  • Two-Day Workshop with expert instructor
  • Materials- actual case studies, manual, templates, leadership development action plans, and supplemental materials
  • Complimentary CDR 3-D Suite - for practice leader coaching session after the workshop
  • Marketing Kit - to help you promote your services to external or internal clients with CDR tools 
  • Post Workshop Review - participants review their practice session preparation with an instructor before "going live" with client coaching session

Workshop Location:  

Oklahoma City University, Meinders School of Business, 2501 N. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, OK

For a full brochure or to enroll, contact:  cdrinfo@cdrassessmentgroup.com or call 918.488.0722

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WSJ Reporter Put Three Leadership Assessments to the Test!

How I Survived Tests That Introduced Me To My Inner Executive

JARED SANDBERG Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal
"If taking a personality-assessment test seems unsettling...
...I took three of them, handicapping my chances to swap a cubicle for an office."

For Jared's article research, the assessments he took were with:  TTI Performance Systems and Innermetrix, Korn Ferry, and CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

Lisa Aldisert of Pharos Alliance who administered the TTI assessment told him "You have a high capacity to lead others."   Agreeing, Gary Hourihan of Korn Ferry told Jared, "you are well suited to a management job."

Nancy Parsons, who debriefed his CDR results, did not agree with the other two assessment providers regarding his leadership "potential".   Here's what Jared Sandberg had to say regarding his feedback with CDR:

"The Risk Assessment part of CDR's tests reveal the me I most recognize. I scored 100% on hypermoodiness. This means I'm 'emotionally unpredictable' (guilty) and expect the worst (guilty). As a leader, I'd create 'a tenuous environment where associates have no idea what temperament to expect next.' (Isn't that required?)

My second-highest risk was worrier, at 96%. (I have a danger-seeking son and I read the news, what's not to worry about?) As a manager, I might slow staff progress due to reluctance to make a decision. (That hasn't stopped anyone before me.)

Lastly, CDR tested leadership energy. I scored an abysmally low 6%. That and my low competitiveness grade explains the conclusion of CDR's Nancy Parsons. She breaks it to me gently: 'Not everyone should be in a leadership role.'

That puts me, or us, on the list of millions."

Read Jared Sandberg's full article at:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB107887839518250878 

CDR Assessment Advisor Blogger's comment on 3/13/15:  

There is a very important lesson to be learned in Jared Sandberg's experience with taking the three leadership assessment instruments he describes in this article.  Two out of three were wrong!  Or, at a minimum, two of those experts who were interpreting the results were seriously wrong about Jared's leadership capability.  

There are many assessments available today and most have compelling marketing and clever sales campaigns to pull you in.  However, conducting due diligence in assuring that accurate measures and honest reporting results are essential for talent management and development effectiveness.  

In an upcoming blog -- we will give you clear insights on what to look for to ascertain whether the assessments you deploy, or are considering to use, meet the validity standards needed.   We will also be featuring a segment titled "Assessments:  Viable or Voodoo".

Your comments and questions are welcomed!  

E-mail the author of the article at:  Jared.Sandberg@wsj.com. To see other past columns, go to