Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Laughter is Not Always the Best Medicine!

Laughter is the best medicine -- for some.  

In fact, laughter can be a great stress relief for many, but it really depends on the culture of the organization.  If  leaders and staff share low scoring trends on "Amusement & Hedonism" (of the 10 CDR Drivers & Reward facets we measure) the culture will not welcome a lot of laughter and joking.  

Making work fun is not of interest to the low Amusement & Hedonism scorers.  Many financial services and manufacturing organizations tend to have very low scores and are pretty stiff and have a serious business demeanor.  Low scorers may also be uncomfortable with casual dress policies. 

Contrast this to the travel and hospitality industries (think of Southwest Airlines), and they are just the opposite in their need to make work fun.  They are energized by laughter, good times, and in just being jolly so to speak.  This helps customers and co-workers to stay relaxed and comfortable (with the exception of those with low Amusement & Hedonism scores!)

See the previous blog post here to check to see which of the 10 Drivers & Reward needs you value or would prefer to avoid.