Friday, May 29, 2009

CDR Business Updates...

...on June 10 & 11th, we're hosting an Executive Coaching Certification Workshop in Tulsa -- so any late comers need to contact us at 918-488-0722 or This is a great way to leverage your existing practice with unmatched tools and support behind the scenes.

...on June 24th, (1:30 to 2:30 pm CT) we are hosting a complimentary webinar introducing "myLADR". This proprietary session provides an online tour introducing you to this one-of-a-kind advanced personalization front-end for any Learning Management System.

MyLADR begins with comprehensive individual assessment and coaching feedback. Once individual coaching feedback is accomplished, the system is designed to link to key competencies and populates each employee’s Individual Learning & Development Plan. The competencies are mapped to online, classroom and other available (internal and external) learning resources. The system makes suggestions, provides for interaction and choices and approvals, produces management reports and budgets and tracks individual, department and organization development activities. Also included in the system are required learning segments such as orientation, ethics, harassment, etc. This is a custom micro-to-macro system that carves out individual learning plans linked to business needs and competency requirements. The system is ideally suited to provide reports for succession planning and development activities.

This is an invitation only complimentary tour of the Learning Personalization system we developed for the Department of Defense which we now, with our partner companies, are introducing to private industry.

This can be a great service that CDR certified independent coaches can offer to their clients as well. Remember, the upfront portion of this service requires individual coaching.

Contact India Lenoir at if you have interest or call us at 918-488-0722.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Revolutionizing Leadership: Finding the Great Ones

Executive performance is a mess. Recent business calamities and financial sector bailouts simply confirm the leader deficit. Back in 1998, we recognized the impact of poor leadership and that is why we began our business. Our plan was to revolutionize leadership. Even then, most studies indicated that 50-75% of leaders were ineffective. Given today’s economic bombshells, it is clear we’ve got a way to go to accomplish our mission. Power brokers do not typically welcome news such as: “you are in the wrong job” or “your team needs some fresh, diverse talent.”

Since the beginning of time not much has changed in the way leaders are selected and rewarded. The semantics have evolved, but not the actual processes. Those who are charming, witty, tough, articulate, politically astute, courageous, reasonably intelligent, well groomed, competitive, energetic, and aggressive tend to get the prized top jobs. They always have. Executives are chosen based on what traits evaluators view as important for success. These factors may have little to do with the ability to perform well as a leader.

At CDR Assessment Group, our approach is different. We use scientifically objective measures to assess an individual’s inherent character, risk factors and reward needs to determine leader “fitness” or “non-fitness”. We don’t sugar coat the results. We don’t just tell people what they want to hear. We give it to them straight. Champions welcome this and those who fear they are in over their heads avoid us like the plague.

Two articles illustrate the power and impact of measuring talent accurately. In a piece in Risk Management Magazine, we compared the data of maximum security felons to ex-Enron executives. Their profiles were amazingly similar. Had anyone accurately measured the characteristics and risks of the Enron executive team in advance, the demise of the company could have been prevented. In a different story, Jared Sandberg, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, took our assessments and had feedback. During his article research, he took two other firms’ assessments. Both of the others told him he had leadership capability that just needed to be developed. I disagreed and explained why a leadership role was not for him. Mr. Sandberg commented that he thought I was right because his dog wouldn’t even listen to him! He also disclosed in the article scoring only 6% on Leadership Energy (a required leader trait.) The good news is that Mr. Sandberg is ideally suited as an “investigative journalist”.

With our global client base, we continue on our revolutionary quest – to right fit leaders and to help others to tap into their strengths as individual contributors. While we don’t teach fish to fly, we enjoy helping leaders and professionals soar to their own personal bests.

No doubt it is time to redouble our efforts, given today’s economic turmoil and business failure rates. We’re happily doing so. One question, how do your organization’s leadership profiles stack up?

Based on this story, what tip could you give to small businesses?(500 character max.)

In a small business, there is no room for error in selecting people. Every position is crucial. First, a CEO needs to understand her own key strengths and vulnerabilities. Next, she needs staff with diverse yet complimentary traits to assure best results. Interviews and reference checks fall short. Interviewing well has little to do with how well one will actually perform on the job. Find a psychometric measure scientifically validated for selection. Considering the costs of making a hiring mistake or of wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates, screening assessments are a steal.

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