Monday, December 22, 2014

'Tis the Time for Thanks...

A message for our customer, colleagues and network associates:

We give thanks to our customers and professional colleagues.  
Our work is a joy because we reveal the unique gifts and talents of our clients.  We help them understand obstacles to their success so that they can navigate past them.  
Last, we help our clients re-focus on what they love to do.  
Thank you for trusting us to serve you.

Wishing you great joy this          Holiday Season and 
prosperity in the New Year.
All the best to you, your family, and your organization,

Nancy Parsons, President,
 the CDR Assessment Group, Inc. Team &  CDR Executive Coaches!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Are Any of the Eight Universal Leadership Derailers Undermining Your Success?

(Excerpted from the CDR Leadership Risk Assessment)

Leadership success and derailment largely depend upon two factors:  

1) the perceptions of others about your performance which includes your relationships with them; and 
2) your contributions or results produced for the good of the organization.  

Overwhelmingly, the first of these is the most critical in terms of leadership derailment.  A leader may have produced outstanding results; yet if he/she has damaged relationships along the way, or has operated with a lack of integrity, derailment may be inevitable.  Universally, or across organizations, leadership derailers can be defined as:



1. Erosion or betrayal of trust

lack of integrity (honesty, acting congruently with core values, showing respect, etc.), loss of credibility, over-focus on personal agenda, failure to meet commitments

2. Failure to deliver and be accountable

slow to act, studies issues and solutions too long, waits for instruction, short on results

3. Failure to adapt

resists change, difficulty with multiple priorities, lacks flexibility

4. Lack of courage and decisiveness

risk aversive, freezes under uncertainty, fails to assert views; avoids making decisions

5. Creating or endorsing a dysfunctional work environment

failure to support staff, displays  inappropriate emotionality or lack of "emotional intelligence", supports or tolerates hostile work environment 

6. Failure to develop people and organization

fails to coach, mentor others, or provide developmental resources; and, unconcerned with bench strength,organizational growth planning issues

7. Lacks forward-looking and inspirational approach

lacks a vision, can't rally troops to produce; does not build enthusiasm toward stretch goals

8. Lack of objectivity and broadmindedness

narrow views, undervalues diversity, strives to preserve personal wishes and bias, not perceived as fair, shows favoritism, does not consider sufficient views or sufficient data in decision making

Copyright © CDR Assessment Group, Tulsa, OK. 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this may be copied or reproduced without the copyright owner's written permission. Contact: to request permission.
(Authors:  Kimberly Leveridge, Ph.D. & Nancy E. Parsons)  

Monday, December 8, 2014


WINNING AT ENTREPRENEURSHIP by Rod Robertson is an in-depth and real life guide on how to hunt for, buy, build and ultimately sell own your business.
"Winning at Entrepreneurship: Insider Tips on Buying, Building, and Selling Your Own Business" by Rod Robertson is now available at Amazon.    CDR Assessment Group, Inc.'s President, Nancy Parsons, chapter is titled "Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Capability."   Parsons' goal is to help readers understand what it takes, from a personality and motivational standpoint, to be a hugely successful entrepreneur. 

Robertson's insightful and entertaining book takes you deep inside the world of how to put a deal together and buy the business you always wanted. Equally important, it teaches you to avoid the highway to business hell by not getting seduced by the wrong deal that could ruin your life. For most all of us, we have one shot at the winner's circle of business ownership and this easy to read roadmap provides you with truly up-to-date professional advice and knowledge. Whether you're a novice first time buyer to the experienced entrepreneur, you will receive the latest tips and techniques on how to present yourself to the marketplace, raise cash, understand how to value a business and structure a deal to your advantage.

Parsons Chapter Begins

"You may be surprised to learn that the real reason that only about 10% of entrepreneurs succeed is because very few people have the hard wiring to succeed.   Many people have some of the inherent capabilities needed but very few have the whole package.  Before investing your life savings and your blood, sweat, and tears in a new venture, consider two things:  1) your inherent suitability as an entrepreneur and 2) your team's make up and balance.

Your entrepreneurial capability cannot be evaluated by considering your educational pedigree, skills, and experience as sufficient data for this all-consuming business leap..."
About the Author:

Rod Robertson is the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital a Boston based international Mergers & Acquisition firm that he has managed since 2001. Rod has personally led over fifty successful transactions in buying, selling and raising capitals for deals typically ranging up to $30M in size. 
Rod Robertson

Rod enjoys public speaking and is an annual guest at the Harvard Business School and Babson MBA programs among other educational institutions around the globe. Rod is a constant voice on the airwaves and in print in the mergers and acquisition world. He has traveled to over 55 countries lecturing and growing his collection of military antiques. He was most recently the Head Delegate of a trade mission to the Ukraine as well as other countries in that region.  The book website is:

About Nancy Parsons

Nancy co-founded CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and she co-developed the
Nancy Parsons
break-through CDR 3-D Suite (Leadership Character, Risks and Drivers & Rewards Assessments) in 1998 that has been translated to five languages for global clients.  She has over 25 years expertise in leadership development & coaching, assessments, training, organizational development, and HR. Parsons has presented at international, national and regional industry conferences and has instructed coaching skills workshops for more than 1000 leaders and consultants from global organizations.   


How Rod & Nancy Connected...

Nearly 10 years ago Rod contacted Nancy as he had a client interested in entering the assessment business.  While a business deal was not made back then, Rod took the CDR 3-D Suite Assessments and had coaching feedback with Nancy which made a lasting impression on him.  
Media Contact
Summer Brown, Business & Client Services Director
CDR Assessment Group, Inc.  
or call 918.488.0722  
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Friday, December 5, 2014

CDR End of Year Sale, Houston Office Opens, and more!

The CDR 3-D Suite is unmatched in scope, accuracy and relevance to leadership performance and development.  This is a GREAT time to purchase credits for coaching and developing your leaders and staff at a discount!

For pre-pay orders received from December 15 through January 15, 2015:   
  • $35 off CDR 3-D Suites* (full reports only; minimum 10 Suites) 
  • When ordering 100 Suites or more**, $50 off per Suite 
  • Assessment credits purchased will be good for assessments through January 31, 2016
 To order, contact: or call 918-488-0722 to order today!  

*This discount is off of the regular $350 Suite price for e-copy reports and accompanying data sheets only.  No discounts on printed versions.  Some other restrictions may apply and this offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or contracts.  The 360 Leader Scan and selection assessments are not part of this sale.
**For orders of 100 or more, 50% pre-pay with monthly payments thereafter.

Why Consider CDR's Accelerated Leadership Coaching

Many executive coaches take weeks or even months to get at key issues in the coaching process. This is not the case with CDR Assessment Group's global executive coaching team.  We tee off with the CDR 3-D Suite at the first coaching session to accelerate the process by revealing a clear blueprint for development.   So, rather than taking 2 to 3 months "getting to know" your leaders, CDR Coaches begin right away with sharpening self awareness to yield measurable, productive results.  Positive change begins with the first coaching session.  

We save our clients valuable time and money by cutting to the chase about what it will take each leader to be the best they can be.  Leaders gain insights to re-energize and focus on what drives them to succeed.   

We don't dance, spin or hold clients' hands.  We get to work by equipping leaders to embrace and build their authentic capability.

CDR Executive Coaching Certification 2015 Workshop Dates & Locations:

Feb 25 & 26, 2015  Houston 
April 8 & 9, 2015 Philadelphia
July 22 & 23, 2015 Denver
November 11 - 12, 2015 Dallas

We are also planning to add a Toronto, Canada session in January or February, so please call 918-488-0722 or email if you would like a brochure and if you have interest in enrolling.
CDR Introduces Houston Office...

Since 1998, CDR has based in Tulsa and has offered services through our network of globally dispersed certified executive coaches and consultants who are foremost leaders in the industry. We are delighted to announce the addition of a Houston based CDR consulting office convenient to energy corridor clients.  Stay tuned for upcoming introductory test-run sessions for Houston-based leadership development and HR/OD internal experts.   Or, to reserve a personal meeting to learn more about our services and break-through tools, call 918.630.6628.