Friday, July 18, 2014

What are Your Intrinsic Motivators & Aversions?

What are your intrinsic motivators?  Next, what are your non-preferences or aversions?

It is important to know what drives you and what gives you the greatest sense of satisfaction. On the flip side, you need to know what you find distasteful, uncomfortable or boring.  These are important facets to know in order to find the most satisfying job and career path.

Here is a list of 10 possibilities -- so you chose!  (Most people have a few of each)  Please feel free to share your thoughts on this blog. 

Rate Your Driver & Reward Needs:
 (Your rating:  + is a driver; - is a non-preference)
Driver Title

Fame & Feedback
needs for recognition and fame, with valuing the receipt of credit for ideas and accomplishments, and for desiring to be well respected

Power & Competition
indicative of a strong interest in goal attainment, pursuit of excellence, achieving status, strategic career planning, and being the best at any activity

Amusement & Hedonism

associated with needs for fun, personal indulgence, freedom to spend time in ways that are entertaining, and an overall philosophy of enjoying life to the fullest

Humanitarian Efforts

interest level in helping the less fortunate and promoting social justice, and a lifestyle organized around a commitment to making a positive difference in society

Companionship & Affiliation

needs for friendship, camaraderie, social interaction, and the enjoyment of working closely with others in a team environment

Moral Platform

describes one’s unwavering concern for moral standards, strong interests in spiritual matters, and a lifestyle organized around virtue and traditional values

Safety & Security

a need for long term financial and employment stability, insulation from harm, and avoiding or minimizing externally directed change and the unpredictable

Business & Finance

interests in commerce and industry with interests such as: budget, personal finances, economics and economic matters

Artistic Endeavors
a passion for the arts, strong interests in working in artistic fields, and a lifestyle organized around opportunities for creative self-expression

Scientific Reasoning

interests in scientific analysis and discovery, fascination with technology, and a lifestyle organized around the pursuit of knowledge concerning the mechanics of how things work

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Exclusive Development Program for Ladies Who Lead

 Attention - Women Who Lead
Where is Your Career Going?

If you answer “YES” to two or more of questions   below then

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  1) Is your career trajectory slower than you would like? 

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  3) Do you believe that your leadership strengths and gifts have effective visibility with senior management?

4) Do you ever avoid conflict or feel like your views could be expressed in leadership forums with more confidence?

5) Would it be helpful to you to improve your focus and to do a better job in balancing your work/life demands?

Enrollment for the Oklahoma session at The Canebrake on August 20 & 21, 2014 will close on August 6 – so don’t delay!  Assessment and one-to-one coaching begins right away once you enroll.  Click here for the enrollment information.  

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