Thursday, March 28, 2013

"How Disruptive Behavior by Employees Can Devastate a Workplace"

Must read article:  "How Disruptive Behavior by Employees Can Devastate a Workplace"

In this Wharton piece linked below, Jody Foster, MD says, "People are people, no matter what industry they are in, and they bring their basic personalities to work.  When they act out in inappropriate ways -- by, for example, bullying employees who work under them, compulsively micro managing, displaying narcissistic tendencies -- it can be devastating to the entire workplace."

At CDR, we have been measuring these "inappropriate behavior tendencies" since 1998 in our CDR Leadership Risk Assessment.    For example, risks we measure corresponding to the behaviors mentioned in the article include:  Egotist, Rule Breaking, False Advocate, Cynic and Hyper-Moody and six more.

Also our research  comparing men and women leaders shows that male leaders have statistically significant higher risks factors that are considered “moving against” coping skills.  This supports Dr. Foster’s gender based findings.  To learn more about CDR measures, go to:

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