Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Attention Worriers: At Last, A Webinar for YOU!

"Don't Worry - Be Decisive!" CDR Leadership Risk Webinar

Webinar Date:  Friday, February 13 @ 11:00 AM CST     

Info below -- space is limited

Many leaders over-think, worry, and delay decisions. This cautious and slow approach can inhibit performance and frustrate others.  Frequently, too much worrying can result in creating unnecessary “CYA” or busy work for staff.  Worriers are known for hesitating when they should be converting ideas into action. They may become overwhelmed when dealing with change.  Worriers may hold back during key meetings due to concerns that they may say something wrong or not have all of the information.

Does your fear of making a mistake or the idea of failure cause you to over-analyze key projects or tasks?  Have you ever been told you were a slow decision maker?  Do you, at times, study and restudy issues, paralyzing progress?

Worriers often feel more comfortable in larger, more methodical environments rather than in dynamic quick moving settings.  While Worriers vet ideas very, very well, their worries are often are overblown and seldom come to fruition.

So, if you are pretty clear that you are likely a “Worrier” by nature, what is the toll of your worrying on your career?  Have you been bypassed for promotions?  Do you feel overworked, frustrated and overwhelmed at times?  Does your worrying impact your overall satisfaction, ability to relax, and joy?

If you have tendencies to worry, over-analyze, or fret too much, this webinar is for you!

What you will learn:

How Worriers can derail their own success
Impact worrying can have for aspiring leaders and gender differences
The costs of worrying
The Top Ten Tactics to Fret No More
Building your decision making skills for success
Action plan ideas for Worriers
Additional development resource suggestions

Enrollment Fee:  $99  
Early Enrollment Discount:  Register by January 30, 2015 for a discounted fee of $79

Register today by calling @ 918-488-0722
or email:
MC/Visa accepted; pre-pay required.

Webinar Time:   75 minutes (estimated)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Executive Assistant Job Opening (PT) - Houston Area

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Executive Assistant - Richmond TX 

Great Hours - 9 to 3 pm

You will be responsible for administrative support for the President for scheduling meetings, arranging travel, email correspondence, and general administrative and organizing duties. You will also provide support with some key marketing initiatives such as:  social media updates, coordinating webinars, presentation support, newsletters, e-blasts, public relations, client/prospect communications, editing, SalesForce, and more. 
This is a new position based in Richmond, Texas, will begin as part time (9 am to 3 pm) although could evolve into full-time with some virtual work possible. 

Exceptional candidates will: 
  • Be extremely smart, well organized with strong attention to detail 
  • Be driven to achieve and energized 
  • Serve a key team member and as the go to person for the President 
  • Have terrific communication skills (written and oral) - communicate well with executives and leader client base 
  • Have critical thinking skills – able to identify, tackle and solve problems   
  • Be proficient with Microsoft Office:  Word, Power-Point, Excel, Outlook 
  • Have positive experience in marketing and sales environments 
  • Capable of monitoring and managing social media (company Twitter feeds, web updates, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.) 
  • Deal effectively with confidential information (HR, Assessments, Clients, new products, and so on) appropriately 
  • Coordinate travel arrangements, calendar management, scheduling of meetings, webinars, and conference calls as required 
  • Maintain/update various contact databases in Outlook and SalesForce 
  • Be responsible for coordinating initial marketing responses and packages 
  • Coordinate and create marketing email blasts 
  • Coordinate mass marketing mailings 
  • Be trustworthy, dependable, and service focused. 
  • Have a sense of humor and enjoy interacting with people 
  • Attend some professional organizational meetings and events 

Desired Skills and Experience

Minimum of five years of administrative experience is required.  Associate or Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing or human resources, or equivalent, required.  We seek a candidate that is truly a go-getter.  
We offer:  competitive compensation, flexible scheduling and an exceptional professional developmental opportunity for a candidate who wants to join a growing global business with unmatched assessment tools and consulting services. 

About this company

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. is a globally recognized assessment and talent development firm leading the way with revolutionary products, consulting services, research, and training solutions.   
We deliver unmatched assessment tools and services for leadership and talent development. We provide consulting, executive coaching, and training services that wrap-around all areas of human performance and maximize the clients’ utilization of our breakthrough tools. We have a consulting and coaching team that provides services worldwide. 
We are committed to providing cutting-edge leadership and human resource development products and services designed with the foremost psychological insights and applied business know-how. 
Our clients can be found in all sectors:  banking/finance, service, health care, energy, chemical, transportation, manufacturing, insurance, technology, pharmaceutical, logistics, government and academia.   We also train and certify executive coaches to use our assessment tools with their clients.  Since 1998, we have been based in Tulsa and in late 2014, a Houston area office was opened.