Friday, May 29, 2009

CDR Business Updates...

...on June 10 & 11th, we're hosting an Executive Coaching Certification Workshop in Tulsa -- so any late comers need to contact us at 918-488-0722 or This is a great way to leverage your existing practice with unmatched tools and support behind the scenes.

...on June 24th, (1:30 to 2:30 pm CT) we are hosting a complimentary webinar introducing "myLADR". This proprietary session provides an online tour introducing you to this one-of-a-kind advanced personalization front-end for any Learning Management System.

MyLADR begins with comprehensive individual assessment and coaching feedback. Once individual coaching feedback is accomplished, the system is designed to link to key competencies and populates each employee’s Individual Learning & Development Plan. The competencies are mapped to online, classroom and other available (internal and external) learning resources. The system makes suggestions, provides for interaction and choices and approvals, produces management reports and budgets and tracks individual, department and organization development activities. Also included in the system are required learning segments such as orientation, ethics, harassment, etc. This is a custom micro-to-macro system that carves out individual learning plans linked to business needs and competency requirements. The system is ideally suited to provide reports for succession planning and development activities.

This is an invitation only complimentary tour of the Learning Personalization system we developed for the Department of Defense which we now, with our partner companies, are introducing to private industry.

This can be a great service that CDR certified independent coaches can offer to their clients as well. Remember, the upfront portion of this service requires individual coaching.

Contact India Lenoir at if you have interest or call us at 918-488-0722.

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