Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to Assessment Advisor Blog

Welcome to the Assessment Advisor blog hosted by Nancy Parsons, President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc.

We are glad to have you on board. This blog is primarily for executives and leaders, executive coaches, organization development professionals, chief learning officers, human resource executives, industrial/organizational psychology specialists, and those interested in developing the human capability within organizations.

Our firm, CDR Assessment Group, Inc. provides proprietary assessment tools for client organizations and for independent consultants/coaches. We also provide coaches' certification and advanced training programs. The CDR 3-D Suite provides specific and unique insights into a leader’s key strengths and development needs in the areas of:

· character traits, acumen, EQ and leader fitness,
· inherent risk factors that can sabotage effectiveness and lead to derailment,
· personal drivers, motivation, and values.

The CDR 3-D Suite has editions in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian, and is available through a proprietary online system. Another highly beneficial and lucrative feature of these robust tools for a consulting practice is the wide range of applications that they can be used for without the need to retest. Succession planning, strategic team development, high potential talent identification and development, and staffing decisions, are among some of the value-added services that can be performed using our tools.

We also offer a robust and insightful 360 tool as well. I'll go into that more when and if needed.

Enough of the info-mercial...

With this blog, we hope to share insights, experience, interesting stories related to assessment results, interpretive overviews, ROI, coaching excerpts, research news, answer coaches' questions, and to discuss issues on the minds of leaders and coaches who have interest in our blog.

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