Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Moving From "Funny Bones" to "Darks Sides" of Leaders

The switch from my last post "Do You Have a Funny Bone?" to the topic of the "Dark Sides of Leaders" may seem out of kilter.  Maybe it is a leap although we work with all dimensions of leadership -- strengths/character traits, risks -- the dark sides, and with drivers and motivational needs.  So, please stay with us -- people and leaders are complex.  Leader strengths, risks and needs are all over the human map so to speak.  

I love the humor -- Amusement + Hedonism -- but getting to the fun parts or the rewarding stuff is not doable in organizations if leaders are destroying the culture with bad, untrustworthy or bullying behaviors.  We deal with the whole range of authentic leader behaviors in our assessment and coaching practice.  

Back to the article --  dysfunctional leader behaviors damage performance and the bottom line suffers.  I hope that sharing our intervention process insights and  experience helps your organization.                                                                                                           
Cheers, Nancy

Do you have any Executives or Leaders whose "Dark Sides" Show Too Much? 

Inappropriate leader behaviors can lead to high costs, low morale, and poor performance.  Classic executive coaching is not designed to tackle this problem effectively.  In fact, many coaches prefer to avoid these very tough cases.  Intervention coaching is the solution.  Here is an excerpt of an article that explains the best approach we have found in coaching these difficult leader cases:

Mixing Magic and Coaching For Leadership Derailment Interventions
"Intervention coaching is tough duty. When a leader is derailing or in free fall, we get the call. When bad behaviors have gone past the threshold of tolerance, or when a team is falling apart with no plausible solutions in sight, we are contacted at this eleventh hour moment. We come in to perform our magic. Since these cases can be a can of worms, we are fortunate they are a small percentage of our overall coaching practice. The upside is that while these are often rocky and emotionally draining for all involved, if done well, interventions can be remarkably rewarding.
Magic may sound over-the-top. But, the term is not too much of a stretch given that the solutions we reveal tend to amaze our clients. Even more striking is that the derailing leaders themselves are the ones who frequently seem the most pleased and relieved. Because we are able to reveal correct and logical options that are otherwise elusive to clients, it does seem to them that we are performing magic..."

For the full article and actual case studies of intervention coaching, go to:  http://ow.ly/QLhXA

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6844831

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